Video games, apart from being fun and exhilarating, have enabled us to get a glimpse of experiences that we would otherwise never have. Through the touch of a button, you could turn into the striker of your favourite soccer team, or the commander of a battalion deep in the entrails of war. Online gaming has gone a step further to allow individuals to pit their wits and skills against each other in gaming platforms through the internet or LAN (Local Area Network) play. There are many forms of online games available for different personalities and people.

Massively multiplayer online games, commonly known as MMO, can support a large number of players at once. They include adventure games, shooter games, and sports games, among others. The players each have a character that they use to play with, and can make alliances to team up and fight against other players. First Person Shooter (FPS) games are a popular type of MMO games. These games are set up in a way that gives the player the illusion that he is seeing the game through his own eyes, able to see his hands and everything before him, but not his whole body. The main characters of these games are mostly gun wielding protagonists, like soldiers in battle or law enforcement personnel.

Sports are also a universal favourite. Players are able to take charge of teams in online matches and play against others in leagues or single matches. All sorts of sports are playable including, but not limited to soccer, baseball, American football, basketball, tennis, and rugby. These games enable players to play out fantasies making them a favourite boredom killer and stress release option for individuals of all ages. The ability to change the characters appearances to your liking also works to give players a more realistic experience.