If you were to ask a group of students what they do in their free time, the majority of them would write about gaming. With so much time to spare after classes and during the weekends, students will always prefer to spend their time playing these games. It is a common phrase to hear them say that games were the best invention by mankind. However, there are many types of games to choose from especially online; and the options are almost endless. So what are the best online games?

As an action gamer, there are so many possibilities to choose from. A good example is the Diablo III. This is an action and adventure game that keeps players on their toes. It could be described as a hack and slash game because it is all about fighting with swords and shields. The player has the option of choosing among seven character classes. The player can play the game with friends online. The online connection also helps with purchases of certain characters to help the player complete the game faster.

If one is into racing games, then the list is even longer. So many options of car games, bike games, trucks, or even buses exist. Most of these games are multiplayer games where the player connects with other online friends and they play against each other, each in the comfort of their own home. A good example of this is the game Street Pursuit. This game sees the player race in this virtual town, either against other players online, or against the CPU. Another good example is Grand Theft Auto.

There are also development games for gamers who want a more involving game such as Little Big City, where you receive a city to take care of as the leader. In these games, you carry out duties of leadership to ensure your city grows and develops as required.